Blind Rivets

  1. Aluminium Blind Rivets

    Open-end blind rivets provide an economical means for fastening metal parts where easy disassembly is not required. Large flange rivets are particularly suitable for fastening softer materials (wood or plastic, for example) to metal.
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  2. Stainless Steel Blind Rivets

    Our range of Stainless Steel Blind Rivets are corrosion resistant, which are incorporated with a large blind head to increase the bearing area that are excellent for thin sheet materials.
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  3. Complete Steel Blind Rivets

    We offer steel blind rivets, which are of high strength with load bearing capabilities, providing strong, vibration resistant joints. These are used in steel fabrication, structural, sub-assemblies, framework, hinge fixing to steel frames, steel furniture and many others.
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  4. Multi Grip Blind Rivets

    Our range of multi-grip blind rivets can reduce inventory simplifies stock control and accommodates wide variations in material thickness. These are of high strength, vibration resistant and are suitable for variety of joint applications.
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  5. Closed Type Blind Rivets

    We offer Closed Type Blind Rivets, which are fully sealed fasteners excellent for use where water or air tight joints are required. These are incorporated with a positively retained stem that provides a fully sealed and vibration resistant joint.
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  6. Monobolt Blind Rivets

    We offer monobolt, which are structural fastener, offering solid-circle internal lock for high-vibration applications. These can be used in materials with thickness variations of 3/8". Further, our range is available in a varied sizes and materials.
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  7. Peel Type Blind Rivets

    We offer type Peel Type Blind Rivets, which are suitable for joining plastic, rubber, wood and laminates. These are widely used in the assembly of caravans, trailers, furniture, plastic-framed windows
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  8. Grooved Type Blind Rivets

    Our range of Grooved Type Blind Rivets are designed to set within a hole in fibrous materials such as wood or plastic. When the rivet sets, the body shortens and the fibers of the material are grasped between the closed grooves creating a strong connection.
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